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Do You Want a Successful Career? Develop These Good Workplace Habits

Date Posted: 07/13/2018

Feeling mo ba na-stuck ka na sa professional career mo? Hindi ka na ba na-promote kahit ang tagal tagal mo na sa trabaho mo? Napapaisip ka ba why your co-workers are being promoted, and you still hold the same position? Baka it’s time to build new habits in the workplace that will help you advance... Read More

How to Deal with a Heavy Workload

Date Posted: 06/22/2018

Stress ka ba sa work? Ang dami mo bang deadlines at dapat tapusing reports at iba pang tasks? Well, time management is the best way of dealing with a heavy workload because time is really all you can control. How you go about managing that workload can make all the difference. It comes down to... Read More

3 Ways to Stand Out and Impress Your Boss

Date Posted: 06/12/2018

If being successful in your position overseas is your goal, then start with a strategy to accomplish it. The most important thing you need to do is impress the person who determines your raises, promotions, and visibility in the company: your immediate boss. Paano nga ba ma-impress si boss? Here are three things you can... Read More

Recruiters Offer 4 Ways to Shine During a Job Interview

Date Posted: 05/15/2018

International employment recruiters expect candidates to take time and prepare for job interviews for overseas jobs. “Sometimes, candidates only have one opportunity to impress international hiring consultants,” says a top foreign recruitment consultant. “To be competitive, candidates don’t want to sound dishonest.” Often, it’s how a candidate answers a question that can be taken the... Read More

7 Interview Tips to Guarantee Success

Date Posted: 05/3/2018

Sabi nga nila, “First impressions lasts”; they are everything – from how you introduce yourself to how that image is perceived by and imprinted on others. Isang tingin lang sa iyo, minsan wala pang 5 minutes ay makilala na ang pagkatao mo – your appearance, body language, attitude, and manners at hindi ka pa nakakapag... Read More

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