Hire a private live-in tutor via Teachers at Home

Simulating a school day for your children in the safety of your home now comes easy with IKON’s exclusive Teachers at Home program.

The service is the Philippines’ first private live-in teacher program that seeks to provide professional, discreet and dedicated teachers to educate children at home and live with the family.

Engaging the services of a private live-in teacher brings numerous benefits:

Parents get the support of highly qualified and experienced teachers to assist their children through their school curriculum and facilitate the learning process.

The live-in arrangement reduces risks and prioritizes the health and safety of children and their families amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

A teacher at home provides a personalized pace and approach to help your child navigate their way through online learning in the “new normal.”

Learning at home through a private teacher is effective, flexible and convenient.

Teachers at Home features an exceptional pool of quality teachers with traditional and progressive teaching backgrounds from local and international private schools in the Philippines and abroad. Our strict background checks and health protocols are in place to ensure your family’s safety and peace of mind.

To know more about the Teachers at Home program, visit (upload FAQs), call 0917-7911610 or email contact@ikonlink.com today!