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7 Things You Wish You’d Know Before You Took the Job

Date Posted: 02/2/2015

Are you overwhelmed and feeling remorseful after two weeks or one month into your new job abroad? Do you find yourself asking the question, “Why did I accept this job anyway?” You can avoid such a situation altogether by asking questions that will give you a better assessment of whether the job is what you... Read More

Impressive Questions to Ask an Interviewer

Date Posted: 01/22/2015

After the interview, ask yourself two questions: 1) Is this the job you really want? 2) How do you think the interview went? If you think you really want this job abroad, and the interview went well, it is your moment to make that extra impact by appearing different so as to make a positive... Read More

Tricky Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Date Posted: 01/6/2015

Whether you are changing jobs or starting a new career abroad, you will have to face an interview. To properly handle tricky questions during this interview you must prepare yourself thoroughly so that you can answer well and make a good impression. This means that first, you must clearly understand your own skills to be... Read More

10 Things Not to Put On Your CV

Date Posted: 12/18/2014

When writing your resume, it is important to take into consideration some pointers on what you should and should not include.  Here, we will give you 10 things that you should be careful NOT to include in your resume when applying for a job abroad. 1.   Irrelevant work experience or experience that is not true... Read More

How to Successfully Submit Your CV

Date Posted: 11/8/2014

Almost all companies especially recruitment agencies maintain a job board and a careers page.  So how do you ensure successful submission of your resume? Here are a few tips to ensure your complete profile is saved and submitted: 1. How often do you need to update your profile?  A common mistake made by applicants is... Read More

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