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How to Build the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Date Posted: 04/22/2015

The most common reason users maintain a LinkedIn profile is to search for jobs. Even if you are gainfully and happily employed, maintaining a LinkedIn profile creates new ways for you to enhance current skills while building your professional network by connecting with industry professionals and interest groups. Recruiters and personnel managers also use LinkedIn... Read More

Strategies for Overcoming Interview Nerves

Date Posted: 04/15/2015

An interview is only a meeting of discovery between candidate and employer to understand each other’s attributes and match the same to create a union for working together. When selecting the job you have applied for, you should ensure that you’re right for it, that you know its requirements, that your education and training back... Read More

11 Proven Ways to Get Hired

Date Posted: 04/6/2015

Have you ever wondered why the numerous job applications you have made to work abroad are not responded to by recruiters?  Maybe you have been called for the first interview but have never been asked to return for a second interview let alone getting the job. As a result, you get increasingly desperate, wondering if... Read More

Don’t Let a Slack Co-Worker Stress You Out

Date Posted: 03/16/2015

There is no perfect working environment. No, it doesn’t exist. And meeting a slack co-worker is inevitable.  But hey, don’t fret. You can save yourself from stress and troubles he/she might cause you. Here are some ideas on how you can get relief: Don’t let them consume you. However difficult, stop thinking of or being... Read More

How to Handle a Slack Co-Worker

Date Posted: 03/3/2015

Whether working locally with other Filipinos or working abroad at a foreign location with a multi-cultural mix, a slack co-worker is someone who consciously doesn’t do what is expected of them, affecting the work of others around them. The co-worker who avoids his/her assigned duties interferes with the movement of the departmental process without giving... Read More

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