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Outdated Job-Hunting Tips (& What To Do Instead)

Date Posted: 02/9/2017

Job-hunting takes hard work and requires plenty of strategizing; but over time, people have come up with “foolproof” tips for a successful job hunt. However, while these trusted strategies provide important wisdom on how to market oneself, some of them are outdated and require a review to keep up with the circumstances surrounding recruitment in... Read More

Integrating Into A New Culture or Workplace

Date Posted: 01/27/2017

Masaya, exciting, at syempre may halong takot din ang manirahan sa ibang bansa. You might not know anyone, or anything about the place you are moving to. Mas mahirap din if you do not speak the language used in the place you are moving to. Ngunit huwag mabahala at may pag-asa! In our hearts, all... Read More

Tips for Shining at a Phone/Skype Interview

Date Posted: 01/13/2017

It’s the most terrifying part of applying for a job: The Interview. Interviews are the most important elements to securing a job so it’s important that you are prepared.  Interviews done over the phone or online may sound less nakakaloka to some, but could also be difficult to navigate as the common strategies for in-person... Read More

Reasons to Ask Your Boss for a Review

Date Posted: 12/19/2016

When it comes to performance review, some organizations have clearly laid down systems for annual performance appraisals. However, many companies don’t strictly follow a system of regular periodic performance review. Therefore depending on what kind of organization you work for, you either need not worry about it or you must adopt appropriate ‘push’ measures so... Read More

How to Seek a Job While Currently Employed

Date Posted: 12/5/2016

One horrible mistake some employees make in an emotional state is to leave their job without finding another job. If you are currently working, find another job first before you quit. Doing so will not only add to your financially burden, it will also add to the days, months, or worse, years of unemployment before... Read More

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