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6 Reasons You’re Not Getting A Promotion

Date Posted: 02/7/2018

Pa-ulit ulit na lang ba ang work mo? Pakiramdam mo ba para ka na lang robot na nagtatrabaho? Walang growth? Walang dumadating na promotion? If so, perhaps your work style and attitude are actually indicating that you’re not quite ready to progress from your current position. Para makasiguro ka na tama ang ginagawa mo at... Read More

Why Job Hopping is the Secret to a Successful Career

Date Posted: 01/19/2018

While some believe that job hopping is career suicide, there are actually quite a few advantages to working in a variety of positions in your career history. As job longevity is slowly becoming a thing of the past, recruiters and hiring managers are changing their outlook on job hopping and recognising the benefits it brings.... Read More

Four Ways Your Personality Affects Your Career Path

Date Posted: 01/18/2018

Aminin natin, may point sa buhay natin na bigla na lang tayo mapapaisip kung ano ang maaring mangyari sa future natin? When the time comes to start thinking about your future plans, goals, and finances, many people don’t know where to start, at minsan may kasama pang kaba at matinding panic and land a job... Read More

How to Stay Motivated When Job Hunting Gets You Down

Date Posted: 12/19/2017

Sometimes the job hunt can be exhausting. It’s easy to be overwhelmed when you feel like you’re spinning your wheels for weeks, or even months, with little to no traction. Yung mapapaisip ka kung makakakuha ka pa ba ng positive result sa mga na-aplayan mo. If you’re currently in the process of changing jobs, branching... Read More

8 Reasons to Look for a New Job

Date Posted: 12/13/2017

8 Reasons to Look for a New Job Hindi madali mag-palipat lipat ng work pero minsan hindi talaga natin ito maiwasan. You may have put behind you the many years spent at the firm you were with, as well to as say good bye to the personal connections you have made. Furthermore, moving to a... Read More

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