Some Client Testimonials

I would like to connect you to one of the recruitment agency that some Gaming companies in Macau uses, and I have received great inputs on their services.”

Ikon has assisted many properties in Macau to get labors for them; including L’arc New World. They provide very good service.

- Ooi Lay Peng, Vice President-Human Resources Development - New World Hotel Management Limited

They provide a range of services such as recruitment, casual labour, payroll outsourcing, etc. and is definitely one of the biggest and most reliable service provider in the Philippines. We have been working with Paolo for many years now and he has been a great help to us.

- Peck Yoke Chan, Director, Human Resources (Corporate Services) & Recruitment - Melco Crown Entertainment

Galaxy stressed that it has only one recruitment agency, IKON Solutions Asia, working in the Philippines.

- Extracted from Macau Daily News, Extracted from Macau Daily News

Ikon come highly recommended and we have very much enjoyed working with them in Macau.

- Marco Tarquini, Managing Director - International Leisure Consultants (Europe) Ltd.

…Ikon has a well-established set-up with a very strong framework of professionals designed for every particular industry….. Possesses close ties…..with Government establishments… such as the POEA, Philippines Embassies & Labor Attache…

- Chaouki Younes, HR Manager, Almana Group