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Characteristics of a Good Leader

Date Posted: 04/11/2016

Good leaders inspire and motivate their teams. They achieve impressive results in competitive environments and enable their staff and their companies to fulfil their potential. All good leaders activate, inspire... Read More

What Makes Employees Happy?

Date Posted: 03/22/2016

When people think of happiness they think of smiling, loved ones, success, good health and fortunes. Often when people think about jobs an image of bored or grumpy workers comes... Read More

Engaging Employees at the Workplace

Date Posted: 02/23/2016

Engaging employees at the workplace is about getting them ‘emotionally’ involved in achieving a common goal that would motivate them enough to do more than what is routinely expected of... Read More

What Makes People Leave Their Jobs and What Makes Them Stay

Date Posted: 02/9/2016

One of the worst headaches a manager has to confront, that can potentially disrupt the work flow of the department, is to suddenly be faced with a vacuum in an... Read More

Communication Tips to Effective Motivation

Date Posted: 01/27/2016

Effective communication is imperative in a leadership role as communication skills are what separate a poor leader from an exceptional one. As the saying goes, “It’s not what you say,... Read More

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